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  2. Someone anon me, or just message in general ;P c’mon. Super bored and very hungover :’) x


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  5. lezgetbent said: Your atteactive

    Thankya very much lol x


  6. Just some pictures of the weekend. During the Youth Summit and the pub on the Sunday! xD


  7. After the National Youth Summit 2014, me and Amy got picked for being the first faces of the campaign to speak up against homophobia. I’m so surprised, my hair was a state, but hey! oh well xD

    Look LGBT Youth Scotland’s campaign guys! It’s very important :)


  8. 500 Followers :’)!


  9. Ha!



    Threw in some Linzin by viria when you were least expecting it! 


  10. I just realized that in “Out of the Past” when the radio says Equalists attacked City Hall that Lin shoots up in bed because she is worried about Tenzin.


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  14. leaf-e:

     Earthbending Porn 

  15. After watching the legend of korra book 3 finale