1. kezmulder said: Hi, so it's the opening ceremony tonight .. U working at that ? I'm a Celtic fan so I'm a bit raging that we've gave up our park for it πŸ˜’ lol x

    But it’s because it’s the biggest lol ;P Bet you didny like them flying red white and blue smoke over Celtic Park. I was in Glasgow Green watching the opening ceremony and the planes flew over us xD



  3. kezmulder said: Busy busy πŸ˜€ you must love it especially if your volunteering πŸ˜ƒ well I've got the badminton on thurs .. I think it's across from Celtic park .. Lol I'm so organised πŸ˜‚ I'll let u know how it goes and I'll keep an eye out for you when I'm out and about and I'll say hi if I see you πŸ˜€πŸ‘x

    Yipp, and yeah, well I prefer the paid working lool. And,Β I can’t remember but I should know xD Lots of things are annoying about the commonwealth games, like being diverted everywhere, not being able to get out of kelvingrove park and being giving shifts at half 6, that I can’t possibly get to on time because there is no transport. Yeah, you should :D x


  4. kezmulder said: We were thinking of going to polo but thought it be too busy so just stayed at Katie's . I was at the commonwealth shop the other night .. OMG £30 for a t shirt 😳 and it took me a while to see that the mascot is a thistle πŸ˜‚ lol x

    It wasn’t as busy as Katie’s, Katie’s was mobbed xD I know, it’s so expensive and yeahhh aha. I’m working on Friday and Saturday at the hockey centre, Sunday at SECC and Monday THE ATHLETE’S VILLAGE!! I’m volunteering in between this too :L so look out for me on the streets aha. And yeahh loool Clyde ;P x


  5. kezmulder said: Well I went to the concert for like 10 min , it was pretty awful and it was raining πŸ˜’ went to Katie's bar - it was good but far too warm 😞 then bk to friends for drinks, in all a good night πŸ˜€x

    Yeah, the weather put a downer on things, my feet were squidy, but I still loved it. Awww, you should have came to polo ;P It was great, so many couples though eughh x


  6. Clubbing at Pride :) x


  7. kezmulder said: Did u enjoy pride ? X

    I looooveeeddd it. Did you? xx


  8. apuresociopath said: //hey, this is my rp blog but still, hi. Seen your pics in the pride tag. Weather was a bit pants but i was cosplaying so the temperature was perfect. Still, even with the rain it was a good time was it not? Did you do the parade too?

    Yeah, the weather did suck, but as Polo said “you need a little rain to make a rainbow” :’) Who were you cosplaying as? I was a steward at the parade :D! It was awesome, a big turn out :) x


  9. More photographs I found of me carrying the baton lol x


  10. Night before pride, early night, because we were up to steward the parade at 7am :’) aha xΒ 


  11. Pride was amazing :) So happy to have such great friends, a shame about the weather, but still had a blast! Roll on next year! :D xx



  13. Someone made a vine of me handing over the baton :’)


  14. Dying my hair midnight blue, instead of Atlantic :’) maybe if it’s darker, I can get a permanent job! :D x


  15. kezmulder said: That's rubbish no 30+ groups πŸ˜’ maybe I could makes my myself look younger and pass for 25 ☺️ what do you do with the groups ? I'd be interested in like a talking about problems kinda group .πŸ˜€x

    Lollll, it does suck, I know. We do some fun stuff sometimes and talk about issues sometimes. Don’t really know how to put it, but you could facebook them if you wanted x