1. Me and local lgbt group at comedy show at Kelvingrove Bandstand and the park :L x


  2. Seriously, get that union jack off your helmet. There is no Team GB in the Commonwealth Games. It should be the England flag. Eugh.


  3. kezmulder said: Lol no I didn't like the red white n blue and I also didn't like people singing god save the queen 😋 I went to badminton on thurs .. It was interesting for like 5min 😂 I watched the opening ceremony at home .. Thought it was a bit cringe but overall the games are making Glasgow more lively 😀x

    I agree and it’s the first commonwealth games were the host country’s national anthem wasn’t played. LOL, I liked the hockey ;P I think it was funny and we took the piss out of London taking it seriously and we had a lot less money for it. Yeah, the atmosphere in Glasgow is cool nd the accents, yum. BUT…my  girlfriend’s train was delayed by 35 minutes o.O x


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    This and the charity drive is why our opening ceremony was fucking amazing!

    Who was the other one??

    Karen Dunbar was the other one, she’s a lesbian

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  5. And I thought I  was the only one who thought this loolll

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  7. This is a pure long shot, but anyone else volunteering as a Host City Volunteer in Glasgow at the moment?


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    John Barrowman’s Commonwealth Games Gay Kiss Shown In Over 40 Homophobic Countries Around The World

    A gay kiss at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games is making headlines around the world.

    In an early part of the event in Glasgow, Scotland, Torchwood star and master of ceremonies John Barrowman ran from a parade float into the arms of a man, during a segment celebrating marriage in the city. He proceeded to kiss the man directly on the lips in a scripted move intended to promote equality… Read more.    

    Gotta love my city :’) x


  10. Seen the Hockey today, Australia vs Malaysia. It’s ashame, because I really wanted Malaysia to score, but well done Aus, some great dribbling x


  11. Me and the girlfriend at the Glasgow Green opening ceremony party yesterday :’) Was so warm, but I liked the opening ceremony, showed our humour ;P x


  12. kezmulder said: Hi, so it's the opening ceremony tonight .. U working at that ? I'm a Celtic fan so I'm a bit raging that we've gave up our park for it 😒 lol x

    But it’s because it’s the biggest lol ;P Bet you didny like them flying red white and blue smoke over Celtic Park. I was in Glasgow Green watching the opening ceremony and the planes flew over us xD



  14. kezmulder said: Busy busy 😀 you must love it especially if your volunteering 😃 well I've got the badminton on thurs .. I think it's across from Celtic park .. Lol I'm so organised 😂 I'll let u know how it goes and I'll keep an eye out for you when I'm out and about and I'll say hi if I see you 😀👍x

    Yipp, and yeah, well I prefer the paid working lool. And, I can’t remember but I should know xD Lots of things are annoying about the commonwealth games, like being diverted everywhere, not being able to get out of kelvingrove park and being giving shifts at half 6, that I can’t possibly get to on time because there is no transport. Yeah, you should :D x


  15. kezmulder said: We were thinking of going to polo but thought it be too busy so just stayed at Katie's . I was at the commonwealth shop the other night .. OMG £30 for a t shirt 😳 and it took me a while to see that the mascot is a thistle 😂 lol x

    It wasn’t as busy as Katie’s, Katie’s was mobbed xD I know, it’s so expensive and yeahhh aha. I’m working on Friday and Saturday at the hockey centre, Sunday at SECC and Monday THE ATHLETE’S VILLAGE!! I’m volunteering in between this too :L so look out for me on the streets aha. And yeahh loool Clyde ;P x